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Business of the Month
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Tuesday, August 30, 2016    
Business of the Month  


7:00 pm at the Acton Town Hall Centre

*note* To nominate a business or property owner for the Acton BIA Board of Directors you and the person you are nominating MUST be a member of the Acton BIA 



Annual General Meeting – Tuesday, March 31, 2015

I, ____________________________________ Nominate _____________________________

Of ___________________________________

                      (Business name)


Date: ______________________________  Signature: __________________________


The Board of Directors of the DABIA is a standing committee of the Council of the Town of Halton Hills.

Board of Directors and sub-committee work is on a volunteer basis. Neither Board members nor sub-committee members or their relatives can receive payment for work related to the BIA or its sub-committees apart from budgeted and receipted expenses for materials.

Term of Office

The Board’s Term of Office runs concurrently with that of the Municipal Council appointing it – four (4) years.  There is a minimum of seven (7) and a maximum of eleven (11) members appointed to the Board.

Responsibilities of the Board

The Board is responsible for:

1.     Drafting and approving of Policies and Procedures to ensure the effective operation of the DABIA and for amending these Policies and Procedures as necessary.

2.     Ensuring that Board Policies and Procedures are implemented effectively.

3.     Acting as a legal entity to enter into contracts required by the activities of the Board, such as the maintenance, beautification, promotion and advertising of the downtown designated area.

4.     Electing an Executive who will also act as Signing Officers for the Board.

5.     Drafting an annual budget for presentation to the DABIA membership for approval, submitting the approved budget to the Town of Halton Hills and implementing the annual budget as approved by the Town Council.

6.     Ensuring that financial transactions are appropriately carried out, that records of all financial transactions are maintained and that these records are audited annually by the auditing firm specified by the Town of Halton Hills.

7.     Ensuring that minutes of all Board and Executive meetings are recorded and distributed to the Town of Halton Hills and the BIA membership.

8.     Establishing sub-committees and appointing representatives to those sub-committees as required to deal with issues identified by the Board or as requested by the Town of Halton Hills.

9.     Hiring staff to carry out the Board’s directives.

10.   Maintain communication with the members regarding its activities, including but not limited to, arranging General Meetings of the membership.

11.   All other activities necessary to the effective operation of the Board and the DABIA.


There shall be four (4) officers on the Board of Directors’ Executive Committee as follows:

Chairperson shall have the general management and direction, subject to the authority of the Board, of the business and affairs of the DABIA and be responsible for setting Board of Directors Meeting Agendas.

Vice-chairperson will assume the duties of the Chairperson if absence or disability occurs.

Secretary will be responsible for Minutes of all Board of Directors and Executive Meetings.

Treasurer will be responsible for Financial Statements and related materials with an account of all transactions being presented to the Board on a monthly basis.

The Board of Directors will elect the Chairperson, Vice chairperson, Secretary and Treasurer from within the Board of Directors on an annual basis.

These officers shall form the Executive Committee.  The Executive Committee shall have the authority to act for the Board of Directors in the intervals between Board meetings on such matters as may be necessary to conduct the business of the DABIA.

Please drop your nomination form off at the Acton BIA office located at 45 Mill Street East Acton Ontario


The Board of the Acton BIA would like to announce that the BIA Manager, Beth Paisley, will leave the position effective September 13th . The Board would like to thank Beth for her services and contribution this past year and half.  Beth initiated a number of programs and initiatives including a strategic plan exercise as well as successfully managed Acton's signature festivals, events and celebrations. Beth also ran the Farmers' Market and maintained the flowers.

Go to Notifications tab for the posting for the BIA Manager position 


check out our community calendar on our events page to find out what is happening in our community!

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